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Woodlake Park Golf Club

A minimum standard of smart casual dress is required in all areas of the Club at all times.

Members, their Guests, and visitors wishing to play the Golf Course and/or use the Clubhouse facilities are requested to observe the following Dress Code. Smart Casual clothes are to be worn at all times except where more formal attire is otherwise indicated. Any item of blue denim clothing is unacceptable.


Must have a collar, [except Polo and Tuttle Neck Shirts, which are acceptable] and sleeves, [except Ladies]. Rugby/Football shirts are NOT acceptable. Ladies may wear collarless blouses to the Clubhouse. Shirts shall be tucked into trousers or shorts at all times.


Must be tailored. Denim paramilitary style, camouflage/combat trousers or tracksuits are NOT acceptable.


Shall be of the tailored sort, “Sports” type shorts are NOT acceptable.


All footwear must be of a clean and smart appearance. When the weather permits, all golfers are encouraged to use shoes without metal spikes.

Changing Rooms are provided for your convenience so please ensure you do not use the Car Park, or other areas of the Club, for this purpose.

It is the responsibility of all those using the Clubhouse and Course to ensure that the standards of the Club are maintained by observing the above Dress Code.

Those who do not comply with the above Code may be asked to leave the Premises.