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Woodlake Park Golf Club

Open Competitions

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NEW THIS YEAR – Ladies’ Coffee Morning Tuesday 3rd September (11 holes)

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CompetitionDatePlay In
Easter Texas Scramble NEW DATEMonday 6th MayTeams of 4
Men’s Four Ball Better BallSat 27th AprilPairs
Seniors’ Better BallTues 14th MayPairs
Ladies’ Open DaySat 15th JuneTeams of 3
Seniors Texas ScrambleTuesday 9th July4 Ball
Judy Wood Charity DaySat 13th JulyTeams of 4
Mixed OpenSun 18th AugustMixed 4-Person
Bank Holiday Texas ScrambleMon 26th AugustTeams of 4
Men’s Open DaySat 7th September4 Ball
Festive Open DayFri 13th DecemberTeams of 4

Festive Open Results – 1st December 2023

1st  S Lowe C Meddings R Beach S Brierly  88 points

2nd N Joinson W Joinson P Worthington S Austin  83 points

3rd  M Higginson M Hobbs G Parrot D Brown  80 points

Men’s Open Results – 17th September 2023

Stableford Prize Winners:

1st  C Glenny  40 points

2nd  C Nicholls  39 points

3rd  C Shepphard  39 points

4th  L Rees  38 points

Gross Prizes:

1st  J Dury  71

2nd  A Vann  75

3rd  D Redwood  76 (back 6)

L/D  C Lloyd  N/Ps  T Nichols  A Samson

Bank Holiday Texas Scramble Open Results – 28th August 2023

1st  A Smith, A puddle, J Coleman, J freeman  52.15

2nd  R Power, D Milton, P Beezley, J Mason  52.50

3rd  C Herritty, N Jones, S Taylor, L Martin  54.10

4th  D Holt, M Phillips, S Davies, J Ronan  54.60

Next Best Visitor  D Best, Z Robinson, S Robinson, S Muirhead  56.25

N/P  H Leonard, S Williams

Mixed Open Results – 20th August 2023

1st  M Wood, H Wood, M Cameron, J Robins  80 points

2nd  M Austin, M Law, T Austin, P Perkins  79 points

3rd  R Williams, P Malson, J Haycock, J Hayes  78 points

4th P Grace, I Ryley, M Brock, L Ryley  77 points (on back 9)

N/P  I Ryley, B Singh

Seniors’ Texas Scramble Open Results – 11th July 2023

1st  H Hobbs, I O’Sullivan, G Griffith, M Watkins  50.45

2nd  J Dyke, R Davies, S Viveash, N Price  52.25

3rd  T Burchase, C Willmott, D Ryan, N Thomas  53.4

N/P  P Sherrell, C Willmott

Judy Wood Charity Day Results – 1st July 2023

1st   A Pitt, E Pitt, R Williams, E Rowlands  128 points

2nd  S MacKenzie, S Lancaster, L weeks, M Thomas  127 points

3rd  L Rees, S Williams, A Cook, J Short  125 points (38 B9)

4th  A Watts, S Stephens, O Simpson  (The Bristol & Isle of Wedmore)  76 points (37 B9)

5th  C Knapp, H Bradley, B Hill  (The Bristol)  75 points (43 B9)

Individual Scores

1st  R Williams  45 points

2nd  D Crocker  44 points

3rd  R Lapping  44 points

4th  I Passmore  43 points

Best Visitors:

1st  S Lancaster  42 points

2nd  S MacKenzie  42 points

N/P P Bollen, R Godfrey, R Williams

Ladies’ Team Open Results – 10th June 2023

1st  S Melardy, S Pope, B Croker  (Blackwood)  76 points (43 B9)

2nd  N Edwards, J Hayes, J Robins  (Woodlake & Pontnewydd)  76 points (39 B9)

3rd  S Hellyer, D Towell, J Gabriel  (Monmouthshire)  76 points (38 B9)

4th  A Watts, S Stephens, O Simpson  (The Bristol & Isle of Wedmore)  76 points (37 B9)

5th  C Knapp, H Bradley, B Hill  (The Bristol)  75 points (43 B9)

N/P J Hayes (Woodlake)  G Webb (Greenmeadow)

Hole-in-one – Ceri Goodwin (Whitchurch)

Seniors’ 4 Ball Better Ball Open Results – 16th May 2023

1st  P Sewter & V Wilkins  47 points

2nd  G Crocker & M Metcalfe  45 points

3rd  R Harrison & S Dominy  44 points

4th  J Woodward & T Holbrook  43 points

5th  T Hapgood & M Black  43 points

Nearest Pins R Keddle,  D Rees

Men’s 4 Ball Better Ball Open Results – 29th April 2023

1st  N Morgan & M Boulton  47 points

2nd  A Samson & A Willis  46 points

3rd  K Burgess & I O’Sullivan  46 points

4th  D Redwood & D Tyler  45 points

5th  M Probert & J Harris  44 points

6th  R Trigg & N Williams  44 points

Nearest Pin  Andrew Manley,  Longest Drive  Adam Draper

Easter Texas Scramble Open Results – 7th April 2023

1st  R Dickenson, P Nicholls, S Banks, A Banks  51.9

2nd  G Williams, D Harper, J Sharpe, L Jones  53.3

3rd  P Jones, P Moore, D Worthing, M Jones  53.9

4th  L Martin, S McDonough, S P Lee, S Dallimore  54.1

Nearest pins: Scott Davies, Steve Banks, Kyle Burgess